A Small Debrief on Astrals (Lvl 25+)

So this tidbit is just a small look into astrals. I will NOT cover everything about astrals so feel free to comment any input you think is important. Something you all want to note is the order of astrals from weakest to strongest.

Green astrals-Blue astrals-Pink astrals-Orange astrals-Red astrals (Green the weakest-Red the strongest)



So these astrals are a glimpse of many. Holy Mysticality are for mages as it adds    to  their MATK. Knights and archers DO NOT want this astral. While Holy Fortitude is for ALL classes as it adds to PDEF. Holy  Brilliance is for ALL classes as well since it adds to HP. Remember, red astrals are  the rarest to get or most expensive to buy with points so in the mean time, use the  other color astrals of these same skills if your toon needs them.







Holy Enshieldment can be for ALL classes although make sure you have your  main astrals first. Enshieldment raises block-very good for knights. Holy Force is  an astral for knights and archers as it adds to their PATK. Mages DO NOT want  this astral. Holy Willpower is for ALL classes as it adds to MDEF.





Some other astrals you might get are:

Will Destroyer: Mostly mages use this although sometimes Knights do too. Archers DO NOT want this astral as it takes away their crit.

Goddess Blessing: Good for all classes after they have their main astrals. This astral reduces the amount of damage you receive.

Determination: Very good for archers and some knights use this as well. Mages usually only use this if they are a crit mage. This astral adds power to your crits and normal damage.

Charm: Usually only knights use charm, but from my experience…no one usually equips it. In my opinion, mages should never use charm as it only takes up a space another astral could take.

Sniper’s Edge: An astral very good for archers and crit mages. Some knights use this as well, but you mainly see this astral on archers.


-Astrals you do not want can either be sold or synthesized to feed to another astral you want leveled up.

-You get one free astral a day as it adds to devotion.

-If you level an astral to lvl 10, you can unlock the title: Astral Master. (Remains permanently.)

Hope this helps some. Happy Playing!


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