Basics to Battle Ratings

Besides retaining your social ties to the game, a lot of people’s main goal is to have the highest BR they can. (Even I attempt to raise it higher everyday…although I’m kind of lagging behind on that at the moment.) Anyways, I’ve listed just the basics on how to raise it for those beginners and a reminder to those veterans. I hope it helps some of you.

So first off, to view your current BR, click on your character (or any other toon if you desire to see their BR) and view profile. BR’s  calculate and average out your toon’s strength-if you want to know if you can defeat another player in a battle, you would look at their BR. Once on profile, underneath the toon should be a number in goldish yellow font. Down below is an example.

wartune green white outfit

I know it’s in Chinese, but was one of the only images I could find that showed what a modern profile looked like since so many new patches have been added to US servers. (Also note, I googled this image and it’s source is from COSMO’S Wartune Blog. I do not own it.) The 166114 you see is this person’s BR-a high one at that too. A number like this will be displayed under every toon if you click on their profile.

There are many ways to raise that number and for starters, there’s astrals. (For a more indepth look on astrals-scroll down to my previous Astrals post.) The higher level your astrals are, the more stat points you accumulate adding to your BR. Also remember, an astral’s quality depends on the color too, green being the WEAKEST to red being the STRONGEST. (For now at least as it’s rumored sooner or later, the US servers will get blue astrals-which are stronger than red.) If you still aren’t quite sure what I mean by that, a lvl 5 green astral is A LOT weaker than a lvl 5 red astral. You can level up astrals by feeding them other astrals you do not need.

Another way is soul engraving which increases your gems effects. Although this is a minor way to improve BR compared to all the rest, it still helps a lot. During events, prizes, guild war benefits, and MP collections, you may receive soul crystals in which you will consume to level up your soul engraving. If you look back to the profile pic up top (the BR picture) and look in the left-hand corner, that yellow diamond with an 80 is where you’d click to do soul engraving. NOTE: A lot of people save their soul crystals/hoards them for soul crystal events that happen every so often. Sometimes it gives out measly prizes, but sometimes you can earn a mount depending on the event and amount of soul crystals needed. From personal experience, I know people who have 10k soul crystals sitting in their guild vault. Down below is a picture of what the soul engraving window looks like.


When you reach level 40, mounts are unlocked which means another way for your BR to grow. Again, through events, prizes, guild war, and all that, mount training whips can be acquired which allow you to upgrade your mounts stats-depending on which stats, will increase your BR as well. People also save mount training whips for events just like soul crystals. There are four stats you can level with your mount that coincide with your toon. [STRENGTH=PATK ARMOR=MDEF/PDEF INTELLECT=MATK ENDURANCE=HP] Be aware of this when leveling their stats as mages do not want strength lvled and vice versa. Down below is a picture of the mount stats page.


Blessing wheel DEFINITELY helps upgrade your BR, but only on a day to day basis. If you click on your academy, the tech page will pop up. Know that upgrading your skills on this tech page with kyanite will also up your BR. On the very top is a flashy button titled Blessing Wheel-click it. A wheel will pop up and for 2k kyanite each spin, your BR will upgrade all the way to 200% more than your original. HOWEVER, each daily game reset will also reset your BR, ridding the 200% which if you want again, must spin and pay the kyanite. You must have enough kyanite for this feature to work, unless balens are used. Below is a picture of the Blessing Wheel.


Last wheel I have for you is the Wheel of Fate. Through many ways including jewel hunt, you can receive fate stones to level up your fate. I find that each new level of fate you get, will upgrade your BR to almost 1k more. You can spin the wheel of fate for free once per day, collecting a range of fate stones from 1-10. To spin more than once, unbound balens are required. You can also buy chests of fate stones in the Amethyst shop. Below is a picture of the Wheel of Fate.


Some quick other ways to raise your BR is leveling and equipping gems within your gear. Make sure they are gems that are suited for your toon’s needs. Socketing rods-which are rare to get, but not impossible for non-cashers will increase the amount of gems you are allowed to have on your armor. Armor is another way to upgrade your BR. The arena gear is perfectly fine armor, but the gear you get from BlackSmith is a whole lot stronger since you can legendary it-this allows you to enchant further than the arena gear, and allows you to have all four sockets for gems. (A pain to synthesize as you need a certain amount of materials, but worth it.) Also, medallions which are unlocked depending on your honor will increase your BR as well. However, they last only a certain amount of days, and require insignia to be purchased in the Arena shop. When working on a legendary set, most do not buy medallions as they need all the insignia they can get. Guild skills will also increase BR. For an indepth paragraph about them, click on the All About Guilds page up top. The last thing I’m going to mention is leveling sylphs. The more you level and upgrade the sylph you use most, the more points your BR will raise. (Definitely do not rely on this method as only a few points are raised at a time, but every point in BR counts.)

Thank you! I hope this long post isn’t a bore, and some will actually find some use in it. Do know there are ways that make your character stronger that doesn’t necessarily raise BR such as skill levels and talents. Anyways, happy playing!


One comment on “Basics to Battle Ratings

  1. Thanks for this basic explanation. Beginners should find it priceless, and it doesn’t hurt for veterans to be reminded of everything that helps BR. I know some level 70 characters who are still struggling with raising their BRs.

    Another item perhaps worth mentioning is clothing identification and refinement. If you have a lot of different clothes, even if they are low level, you can spend gold to identify them (percent chance each try), and increase a related stat by a few points. Refine them to get substantially more points added to the stat. They all stack, so identify as many as you can. It might not seem like much, but if you have several items of clothing you can identify, it adds up.

    Refinement requires the use of fashion cores, so it’s expensive, but the basic identification itself only uses gold. Once an item is identified, the id is permanent. So I think it’s worth spending the gold required to identify every piece of clothing you have. Wings too. After you identify them all, you’ll have to think carefully about refining them, as that costs more. Getting them identified to begin with is the important thing.

    In my case, I spent several millions of gold on clothing identification, which could have been spent on astrals instead. But I’m almost done with my identification, and can then go back to pumping up astrals. With the id and only a few refinements, I now have an additional 200+ to armor and 250+ to intellect. That’s +800 to both PDEF and MDEF and +1000 to MATK, and it’s there no matter what I do with equipment, gems, or sylphs. You could spend a lot on astrals to get those kinds of bonuses.

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